Visual inspection machine summary

Visual inspection
Visual inspection system is the use of industrial cameras instead of human eyes to complete the identification, measurement, positioning and other functions. General visual inspection system consists of camera, lens, light source combination synthesis, can replace the complete character, cracks, packaging, surface layer is complete, sag detection artificial, using visual detection system can effectively improve the production line of the detection speed and accuracy, greatly improve the yield and quality, reduce labor costs, while preventing for the eye the fatigue caused by misjudgment.
Detection products
Clamp, screw cap, shaft, spring
Test items
Size, shape, screw, yes or no
Output: display (not by pass)
Camera resolution
5000000 pixel: 1 first set (each product is not the same)
Testing precision (each product is not the same)
Test conditions: continuous supply parts, glass table sorting, automatic shooting after induction
The number of items tested is not the same for each product
Detection data photo storage / operation data storage


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