South Korea IPS Vision inspection equipment company is a research and development, manufacturing as one of the high-tech companies, more and more widely used in Vision detection system, has been used very well in the iron and steel, industrial materials, education equipment, automobile manufacturing, liquid crystal display, hardware standard parts, IPS company has Hyundai Group, LG group, Samsung Group, and other well-known international companies to develop a good Vision inspection machine. I started the company to discuss cooperation projects with the IPS company from 2015, and on 2017 in Chinese was formally established in Wuxi City, BoDeHeng company (WBTE), the first to introduce three kinds of standard Vision inspection machine for South Korea IPS company, is mainly used for the detection of various hardware standard parts, special-shaped parts, appearance and size, providing Vision inspection equipment high quality for customers, enabling customers to reduce production costs, in the production process, improve production efficiency, improve product quality, is our constant pursuit of purpose.


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