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Glass table type testing machine

Testing products: screws, nuts, washers, rubber stamps, ceramic products
Detection speed: 200-400/ minutes
Testing items: shapes, sizes, cracks, scratches, burrs
3) Area camera resolution: 1280 X 1024 pixel: basic 2 sets (extension possible)
4) detection precision: +_0.02~0.03mm (due to different models, precision is different)
5) the number of detection: 0~600 /min (due to different machines, the size of the product is different, different aging)
6) measurement data: photo storage / NO inspection object precision round table size

Standard model and specification

No Detection object Precision Round table size Resolving power
GT-100 Φ 4~10mm +/_ 0.01mm Φ 540mm 0.01
GT-200 Φ 11~20mm +/_ 0.02mm Φ 540mm
GT-300 Φ 20~30mm +/_ 0.03mm Φ 700mm

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